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When shopping for tuition there’s loads of workshops to choose from.  A day out with a good mentor is the fastest way to improve.  So why me?

In my view a relaxed personal approach gives the best student experience and highest knowledge transfer.  I offer photo tuition tailored to you.  We work together on a bespoke experience based on your needs and goals.  I’m passionate about photography and helping others with years of experienced teaching photography and film.  From in house BBC Natural History Unit trainer, university film/photo professor to private workshop tutor I’m a 40 year pro who holds two graduate imaging degrees. My photography is internationally published, my cinematography has noms and nods from BAFTA, EMMY and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  And I’m a trained Arriflex camera and Zeiss lens technician.

When it comes to photography the learning journey never ends.  I’m constantly feeding my own photography and I can help you with yours.  We all benefit from a creative boost!

Before signing on to a workshop it pays to check out potential mentors work, references, credentials and qualifications.

High speed (14fps) pro cameras, telephoto, wide and macro lenses are available for workshop participants for a small additional fee if required.

100% satisfaction no fee guarantee.  In the unlikely event the tuition fails to meet your expectations you pay nothing.

Technical tuition ~

to learn how to test and optimize your camera kit for the highest image quality.

Shooting Skills Workshops ~

to improve your shooting methods and acquisition techniques.

Creative Workshops ~

focused on expanding and exploring your artistic expression and learning to ‘see’.

Filmmaking Workshops ~

addressing storytelling, field production craft and sequence construction.

Flexible times / dates to suit, 100% satisfaction guaranteed


Razor sharp, high-resolution images are what we expect from our expensive lenses.  But production runs are huge with lenses and cameras having variations.  Not all ‘copys’ are exactly the same even with the best quality control.  As a result cameras and lenses need to be fine-tuned together as a pair to give top image quality.  Surprisingly many photographers never properly pair their kit as a working combination or test their lenses for best results.  When was the last time you gave your kit a check-up?  Test and calibrate your kit with an award winning cinematographer responsible for testing the lenses and cameras for the BBC Planet Earth series.  Learn how to assess resolution and care for your valuable lenses, formulate optimized shooting stops and bespoke DOF charts, test & adjust autofocus and insure you’re getting the highest image quality.  Give your photography a boost with a professional tune up from a trained Arriflex/Zeiss tech.  To my knowledge this service isn’t offered elsewhere and it’s cheap as chips when compared to kit!  This isn’t a money making venture – I genuinely want to help photographers understand photographic optics and improve their results by insuring they get the most out of their costly equipment.   Cost is £140 for 1:1 tuition and calibration for up to 9 lenses, if another photographer joins the cost drops to £120 for each person- limited to two participants and five lenses each to ensure we have the time for proper adjustments. Normally the session lasts 4 to 7 hours depending on the number of lenses and adjustment required.


Do you want to improve your shooting technique for better results?  Personalized craft based workshops for your photographic interests.  Tuition covering everything from beginner to professional level learning; Beyond Manual Mode, Macro, Nature, in Flight, Landscape, Street, Sport or Starlight /Astrophotography, the choice is yours.  Bespoke tuition designed by you to meet your own personal requirements.  We’ll plan a workshop together focused on advancing your shooting skills to up your game and produce fresh strong work.  Whatever you shoot taking a workshop with a qualified, experienced mentor is one of the best ways to improve your photography.   £180 1:1, £150 2:1 ~ 6 hrs, £330 1:1, £230 2:1 ~ 12 hrs


Photography focused on art.  Explore your creative side and push personal boundaries. 1:1 or small group aimed at artistic expression and experimentation.  Discover the joy of photography without conventional limits. Experiment and create your own aesthetic.  Much of photography is a very personal journey.  Feed your photography, have fun and enjoy!  Learn to ‘see’ from a fresh point of view.  Workshops tailored to expanding your photographic creativity.   £250 1:1, approx 8 hours.  If one or more photographers join the cost drops to £180 each – limited to four.


The focus on these workshops is storytelling, sequence construction and the production craft required to get the job done.  With so many camera / orgination options anyone can be a filmmaker and tell their story.  Whether you use a 35mm Arri or an iPhone good production craft remains the same – it’s not the tool it’s how you use it.  We’ll dissect production methods for effective storytelling.  Even with low / no budget projects cheap and cheerful tricks will give you pro results.  Lighting, screen direction, time lapse / lapse time – you name it and we can help you learn it.  Effective use of camera movement from jibs to homemade pully rigs, dollies and Steadicams.  Underwater shots while keeping the camera dry ~ whatever you wish or dream can be made a film reality.  Much of the most successful footage ever delivered was done dirt cheap.  I can show you how.  Contact me and we’ll discuss your needs.  1:1 – £350, 2:1 – £280 each, 8 hours ish. Broadcasters / universities £450~580 a day as required.


You say the lens doesn’t exist to get your trick shot, no problem, we’ll make one. Pinhole lenses, Amici prisms, aspherons, split diopters, custom ports, borescopes, aerial imaging, silver fronted mirror rigs, sliders, tilt wedges ~ whatever it takes.  Mounts to mate different brands.  Yes Leica lenses on your Nikon, Nikon lenses on your Canon, Zeiss Super Speeds or a frankenlens combo on your Nikon/Canon/Sony/Red/Arri/Whatever!  Truth be told when it comes to photographic optics a hyperactive mad scientist streak can be a very useful.  Clients include: BBC Natural History Unit, National Geographic TV, Oxford Scientific films and others.  If you can dream it contact me and we can make it happen.


I’ve shot on all 7 continents as a cinematographer and as an experienced field producer I know a good location when I see one.  I’ve lived in the UK since 1994 and have a treasure chest of out of the way, unique, outdoor / exterior filming locations logged.  I can liaise with the appropriate contacts to gain shooting access and permissions to uncommon historical locations such as stunning castles and sendom visited private estates.  As a DoP I communicate with production on their level and know the in country vendors of the latest camera kit, gadgets and motion control rigs, saving your project time and money.  Please have your unit manager contact me for day rates and more information.


Should you need professional consulting on how to get a knockout shot/sequence in the can drop me a line.  Need to feed your imagination?  I can help.  NDAs ~ not a problem (it’ll be our secret).

Being sucessful in the competitive arena of visual media is all about heart. You bring the heart and I’ll show you how.

For more information on anything covered above just ping me a note. For feedback 👇 about me as a mentor click the button below.


BKSTS British Kinematograph Sound and Television Society
SMPTE Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
ASMP American Society of Media Photographers
FFC Filmmakers for Conservation
IDA International Documentary Association
Arriflex Professionals
Panavision Professionals
Nikon Professional Services Member
Canon Professional Services Platinum Member
Cinematography Mailing list; Past List Administrator Sustaining Member

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