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A Bit About Me


I’m a biologist, photographer and filmmaker.   I joined the BBC Natural History Unit in 1994 as a producer/director/cameraman.  For a photography obsessed field biologist being able to travel the globe shooting animal behavoiur in locations I’d only dreamed of was magic ~ quite simply it just doesn’t get better.  Privileged to work on a range of projects from global blockbusters to award winning self-authored films.  My work can be seen across BBC output including Planet Earth, Life of Mammals, Deep Jungle, Congo, Wild Africa, Life in the Undergrowth and the Natural World series.  Honored with international awards, EMMY and BAFTA noms & nods including Outstanding Individual Achievement in Cinematography from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  My still photography is published worldwide and recognized by the British Wildlife Photographer of the Year.  Now freelance with years of visual media experience from my early days picture editing National Geographic staff to testing lenses and cameras used for Planet Earth.  I’m an enthusiastic public speaker and enjoy sharing my passion with others.  I have a bachelors of science degree in biology, a master of science in photography and a master of fine arts in film.  I love to shoot, photography is my passion.  You’ll find me in the lush green Welsh valleys camera in hand chasing bees, birds, trees and the Milky Way.


I’m available to shoot whatever wherever whenever – no job is too big or too small – editorial, reportage, portraits, products, corporate events, real estate, insurance recording or anything and everything you need photographed, filmed or documented.   If it needs a picture we are on it ~ be it headshot, discreet surveillance, a lengthy live action film sequence, time lapse, motion control, or coverage of your childs sports day or school panto!  All at reasonable rates with fast professional service.

From stills for the farmer down the lane to shooting Birds of Paradise high in the jungle canopy of Papua New Guinea for the BBC Natural History Unit.  Contact me we’ll work together to tell your story and make something special.

My personal photography springs from a childhood wonder of nature. I seek to make a difference, however small, in conserving the natural world.  My insatiable obsession for all forms of photography continues to thrive.  When not shooting you’ll often find me teaching others or speaking publicly; training sessions for broadcasters, university lecturing, group presentations, hosting individual and small group photo workshops as well as leading photo/nature tours.

What you see here is only a small sample of my media work.  All images are available for editorial and advertisement licensing as well as limited edition prints.  I’m pleased to assist conservation causes without charge, contact me with your needs.  My stock photography is represented by Nature Picture Library in Europe and Asia and Minden Pictures in North and South America.

Good luck with your own work and thanks for the visit.



  • Experienced Phantom Gold High Speed/Slow Motion, Macro/Micro, 3 way Axis Motion Control, Time Lapse/Lapse Time
  • Experienced Steadicam / Optex Steadicam school graduate (Industry Standard)
  • Experienced Jib Operator / ABC Crane owner/operator / Aircraft cable dolly owner/operator
  • Former Rental house tech ~ trained in Arriflex camera and Zeiss lens service
  • ARATA level 1 certified for rope /climbing work (BBC safety standard)
  • Perfect Safety record 25+ years of remote location work
  • Clean driving licence
  • A little French, Spanish, Graffuna, Mayan, Gabbonase & bits of Papuan
  • Years in the business with a positive, can do attitude

Clients include Fergus and family, the cat down the lane, BBC, ABC, NBC, PBS, NHK, ZDF, CBC, ORF, National Geographic, Discovery, Apple, CineMuse, BBC Wildlife, Banana Republic, Bristol University, Nottingham University, Yale University, Boston University, Montreal Science Museum, Smithsonian Institute, Nature, Science, Scientific American, Bunte, Stern, Der Spiegle, Geo and others.

All images, film clips and text are protected by copyright laws, please do not download, copy or print the low resolution 72dpi examples shown.

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