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Phil Savoie is a highly experienced and creative filmmaker with many years filming, directing and producing the highest quality BBC natural history programmes. Phil has a strong passion for natural history as a subject matter, and he also has considerable knowledge of the craft of filmmaking. He is extremely hard working and professional and every time I have worked with him I have been impressed by his attention to detail and his enthusiasm for his work. I’ve enjoyed working with him tremendously. Phil is also a great communicator and teacher and loves passing on his experience to others.

Tim Martin ~ Series Editor,  BBC Natural History Unit

Phil is the complete media professional, expert in photography and expert in his storytelling. He’s obsessive about the detail of the task in hand but in a way that allows his colleagues to smile and relax around him. I am continually calling on him for advice as experience has shown he is likely to know the answer to whatever question I may have. I can always be assured of an thoughtful answer. Without his willingness to share knowledge and to gladly give assistance it would often take many calls to find a solution. I unreservedly recommend him.

Dave Blackham ~ CEO,  Esprit Film & Television

Philip is a skillful and experienced cinematographer. He is also a trained naturalist which makes his role in the production of natural history films and programmes well informed scientifically. His finished programmes are of the highest quality and whenever I have been asked to provide a commentary script or a voice-over I have been more than happy to do so. He has always been keen to pass his knowledge to students which I am sure he continues to do with his utmost skill. He is, above all, a pleasant and amusing character. A joy to work with.

Barry Paine ~ Writer, Producer, Presenter

I proudly recommend Phil Savoie whom I hired when we worked together at the Discovery Channel. At the time, we worked for the channel’s only production unit that produced some 200 hours of programming for the Discovery networks worldwide. We specialized in big science specials, but as the resident zoologist and with his extensive filmmaking craftsmanship, Phil proved to be invaluable as we created a series of natural history hour-long specials for the network. Phil proved to be so valuable and knowledgeable that the BBC Natural History Unit poached him for that prestigious filmmaking team. He was at the BBC NHU for over ten years, and to my knowledge, he is the only American ever to be hired. He produced a number of award winning authored films as well as contributing to big landmark series like Planet Earth. His success there is a testament to his ability to research complex science topics, his love of nature, and his technical wizardry filming intricate sequences. He’s a great teacher, quietly brilliant. I’ve always thought of him as a true gentleman and recommend him unreservedly.

Steve Burns ~ Executive Vice President,  National Geographic Television

Phil worked at the BBC Natural History Unit as a producer and cameraman. He is widely recognized for his extraordinary technical knowledge and strong visual eye. Towards the end of his time here he produced and shot a number of very beautiful, award-winning films for the Natural World strand.

Alastair Fothergill ~ Executive Producer,  BBC Natural History Unit

I have worked with Phil on many productions and admire his professionalism and enthusiasm. Phil is a great cinematographer, director and producer, bringing together a great crew on each film he makes. His enthusiasm for the subject matter, the production process, technical equipment and detail is borne out in the end product every time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Phil, and look forward to the next time we are stuck in a dark room for long periods.

Mark Knights ~ Freelance Colourist

Phil is a delightful person to work with. He is a highly creative and talented wildlife film maker and biologist. His beautiful natural history documentaries are always a joy to watch – a combination of world class, innovative wildlife photography and interesting and fun story telling. Thanks Phil – my life has been the richer for working with you!

Nicky Spode ~ BBC Production Executive

I’ve known Phil for more than fifteen years through the motion picture industry. He’s internationally recognized as one of the top producer/cameramen working in nature documentary film. We correspond regularly via the CML blog and I endorse him and his work without reservation.

Ira Tiffen ~ Owner, The Tiffen Company

I know Phils work which I think is excellent. I have had business dealings with him and I found him honest and trustworthy. I have also sought his advice on occasions and found him very helpful. A good guy!

James Welland BSC

Working with Phil was a huge pleasure. His knowledge of and passion for wildlife meant we were always on the same wavelength, and his commitment to quality programmes helped us create great shows.

Andrew Buchanan ~ Granada Television

Phil Savoie is an extremely talented individual with a sincere excitement to teach others his craft. Being an assistant for Phil not only helped advance my knowledge of film making and motion picture camera work, but also helped open doors for me into the professional film making world. He was always willing to help me and answer any questions I had. In the classroom Phil has a genuine excitement for what he is teaching and the real-world experience to back up his knowledge. I am very thankful for getting the opportunity to work with Phil.

Bryant Janzen ~ Freelance Director of Photography

Philip is a dedicated naturalist and cameraman/producer who has excellent instincts, great visual style and an amenable personality. It was a pleasure to work with him!

Holly Stadtler ~ Producer, Dream Catcher Films Inc.

Philip has been an associate of mine for more than fifteen years during that time he has proved himself to be diligent and dedicated to his work. He has integrity and is totally committed to any task he undertakes. His knowledge is immense and the results from his work prove his determination to achieve.

Edward Catton-Orr ~ The Production Gear Company

It is my extreme pleasure to call to your attention, Philip Savoie, a student from my cinematography class at Boston University. Phil was one of the most responsive students in my eighteen years of teaching. Beside his regular class assignments, he was constantly reporting to me on his forays into the aesthetic and practical aspects of delivering the art of film to the screen. Since his graduation, the British Broadcasting Corporation has employed him in their prestigious Natural History Unit as Director/Cinematographer/Producer, he has gone on to become a successful professor in Montana. We keep in touch, and I have had the opportunity to see much of his outstanding work. His projects are screened worldwide and have received awards here in the USA, as well as Europe and Japan. I remember his student film, ‘The Firefly’s Light’, which was distinguished by glowing praise from the Boston Globe Film critics and a Student Academy Award. More recently his fine work was seen on the ‘Planet Earth’ films. Phil has been nominated for a Primetime Cinematography Emmy and his camera work has also been recognized with prestigious BAFTA nominations. These are major accolades that speak to the quality of his work and his filmmaking talent. Phil is an enthusiastic contributor to our field who shares his knowledge and gladly teaches others.

David L. Quaid ASC

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