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“Here’s a course that is nothing to do with taking photographs but ends up with you being able to take better photographs.” Chris Hume

“I really enjoyed the day talking with you and learning, particularly how many bad habits that I have when using my lenses. I am sure that the MTF data for the lenses will also change the way I use them in order to make the best sharpness/creativity decisions. Thank you” Tim Padfield

“I would like to thank you for the most instructive Zoom course on lens calibration.  This has really opened my eyes to using the correct aperture to be able to obtain the most from my lenses. Checking the autofocus performance of each lens on the camera for accuracy was very useful.  As well as discovering how to obtain and use Focus Peaking – again to help with precise focusing.  The entire session was conducted in an easily understood way offering many tips and to help retain the facts you included take away lens specific resolution and DOF lens charts formated for smartphone use so that they can be on hand in the field.  I look forward to putting into practice what I have learned today to improve and to future Zoom meetings.”  With thanks, Guy Bryan

“I’ve never seen or been on a day like this before. Learn how you’re using and treating your lenses wrong. Discover apertures for the sharpest images. Test lenses for focus accuracy. And just soak up knowledge from a master photographer.” David Straker

“It’s not for everyone – you need to be at a certain stage with your photography. You need to have a number of decent lenses and want to get the best out of them. I got a great deal out of this day with Phil.” Stephen Jones

“Really enjoyed the Lens set up session and depth of field info, also found the other information and tips interesting and very useful. Thank you” Angelia Davies

“I was shocked to learn how out of calibration some of my lenses were. No wonder I wasn’t getting the results! Looking forward to putting them to the test. Many thanks.” Julie Morgan

“Thanks Phil for an excellent day. Gained a lot from the day. Can’t wait to try the different lenses out tomorrow in a similar way done today. In addition I’m already planning with Dave to go back to Slimbridge armed with the new information shown today and hopefully putting it all into practice. Thank you so much for all your patience today and I look forward to a Lightroom tutorial at a time to be arranged with you.” Helen Sugrue

“Time and money well spent, more so when you get all the answers you need, the session was very well structured, time to go over certain aspects to re-enforce the information was the order on the day. The session throughout was clear and precise, it made the whole experience a pleasure apart from the obvious benefit of the knowledge gained. The passion for the subject was inspiring and uplifting, it was a must do experience and would certainly recommend to give oneself a broader knowledge of the technical side of photography.” – Les Morgan-Haynes

“Phil is clearly a highly competent professional and is very much hands on. His manner is totally relaxed and reassuring, he explained what he wanted me to do over Zoom in a clear and precise manner. In the end he also suggested I purchase a viewfinder magnifier in order to make my photography easier – brilliant! Thank you for all your patient help! Recommended!” – Ian Peters

“A huge over all thank you for the excellent day we had today. The kit workshop was extremely useful and totally worthwhile. Now that my kit has been optimised, I will feel a lot more confident and more knowledgeable about what I’m using. All of that valuable information and conversation with you is really making me think over my approach to taking an image. There are many things I can improve on, and also begin doing. Looking forward to doing a day’s shooting workshop with you.”  – Jim Appleton

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