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A fantastic evening – I took so much away from it. It felt like hardly five minutes passed without least one little gem that you could take away and apply to your photography. And Phil was so passionate about what he did and put it over so well. – Chris Gardner

Fantastic talk Phil. We had to turn people away. You filled the hall and now hold our new attendance record. Will be rebooking soon, many thanks. – Nicholas Wray, Director, Bristol Botanic Gardens, Bristol University

Many photographers visit us, some are friendly, some knowledgeable, some talented and some entertaining. It’s rare to find all of these qualities in one. Thanks for a great evening Phil. – Colin Lawrence, Hay-on-Wye Photography Club

Riveting, multi layered & inspiring photography Zoom talk from Phil last night. – Vivian Russell

I think this was the best presentation I have seen at a camera club. Phil has outstanding knowledge of Natural History and the technical knowledge to support. I think what I appreciated the most was his absolute honesty and willingness to share. It was a pleasure to listen to him, I had a lot of takeaways from the evening especially the importance of understanding and using the sweet spot on your lenses. – Malcolm Kingswell

Port Talbot CC had Phil Savoie back with a Zoom session tonight to finish where he left off just a few weeks ago. This guy is fabulous with a photographic resume that is second to none. There’s something for everyone and Phil’s great, friendly presentation style along with quality images and advice makes for a very special Zoom event. Thank you again Phil, looking forward to you visiting the club one day. – Paul James

I’ve been going to camera clubs for at least 25yrs…. that was the best evening I’ve been to. So much information delivered in a totally easy to understand way. – Mike Harding

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your talk at Caerphilly Camera Club, yesterday. As a retired professional photographer myself, I tend to be ultra-critical of other photographers work but your simple approach, enthusiasm and friendly nature, coupled with a very well constructed presentation, was a pleasure to witness. Thanks for one of the best evenings that I’ve ever attended. – Geoff Field

Some of the best images I’ve seen at the club since I started ten years ago and his openness and enthusiasm to pass on his considerable knowledge was commendable. – Adam Hart

Thanks to much to Phil for his Zoom camera club talk last night. A masterclass! Not only world-class images, but great insights too into the physics of photography together with some great practical tips. Loved it! – Ed Phillips

Fab evening. Again learned so much about photography, not just about making photos but the science as well. And even the science bits had my full attention.– Julie Morgan, Chair, Abergavenny Camera Club

We really enjoyed the talk you gave us on the Private Life of Bees.  Your simply amazing photos were literally jaw-dropping, they were so impressive.  We learnt a lot we hadn’t known, and altogether it was a thoroughly inspiring evening. Thank you so very much.  I am copying this to the chairs of the other Wildlife Trusts local groups. Phil was really excellent, and we recommend him!  – Alison Willott, Gwent Wildlife Trust

I have been a member of Camera Clubs for the past 40 years, and Phil Savoie’s talk last night was the best and most informative that I have ever seen, absolutely amazing! – Arthur James

His talk held my attention from both the technical side as well as the photos shown. When this was added to his infectious enthusiasm it was a truly memorable evening. – John Farthing

A truly excellent talk last night – ‘Up Your Photography’. Tons of food for thought and some excellent hints & tips both artistic and practical. A brilliant balance between stunning photography & technical information helpful both to the beginner & more experienced ‘tog. I particularly loved the behind the scenes ‘How I Got The Shot’ slides – I love to see how different photographers approach and overcome the more challenging elements of shooting. Thanks again Phil! – Sarah Marshall

Another great presentation from Phil Savoie. Even though we saw moving pictures, much of the technique was applicable to our hobby, particularly his description of getting the right viewpoint. Nowhere does it say that we must hold our cameras when we make an exposure but we must be in control of it. Phil showed us how, along with many other tips and explanations. Thank you, Phil. Peter Young, President, Welsh Photographic Federation

Phil is not just a professional with a ‘who’s who’ client list, he’s still way ahead of the game. With incredible photographs plus an enthusiastic and generous presentation style, he won hearts and minds like few can do. – David Straker Prog Sec, Abergavenny CC

Phil is passionate about photography, his ‘lecture’ was fascinating, his images were outstanding and the knowledge he willingly and generously passed on was unbelievable. Phil is an extremely enthusiastic and entertaining speaker and I for one hope that it won’t be too long before he can visit us again. Christine Ryske, Prog Sec, Tyndale Photography Club

Many thanks to the award winning BBC Cinematographer Phil Savoie for a wonderful presentation last night. The feedback from the members was fantastic! – Theresa Davies, Sec Gwent Photo Society

I just wanted to follow up last night’s presentation for us. Put simply everyone enjoyed your presentation immensely.  Not only are your photos superb, but the way in which you set the context and chat about your experiences make for an unmissable evening.   We are blessed with some good speakers, but to my mind you are unequivocally the best presenter on the circuit; and I know several of my friends agree with me.  Thank you very much and I hope that I will be able to book you for the third year running.  Trevor Waller, Cardiff Camera Club

Just a quick thank you for the terrific presentation tonight. Some great technical stuff, some very sound advice on taking photographs and most importantly your fabulous photography on a wide range of subjects for us all to enjoy. All wrapped up with some great humour! – David Lewis, Rhondda Camera Club

Phil is a walking Planet Earth. He not only takes beautiful photographs of plants and animals around the world, he is also a very knowledgeable naturalist, explaining intriguing behaviours and even all the Latin names! – Chris Hayward

When Phil Savoie gives a talk you don’t just get a bunch of great photos. You get fascinating, amazing and hilarious stories. You get a deep understanding of his natural subjects. And you learn, endlessly, about photographing nature in all its glory. – Alyn Jones

After Phil’s top-notch talk last year we were wondering what else there was to learn. Well, his  ‘Trip to the Tropics’ kept us all riveted to our seats all evening again. Highly recommended to all! – David Straker, Prog Sec, Abergavenny CC

Yesterday, we enjoyed the return of the incomparable Phil Savoie with his ‘Up Your Photography’ talk, which was hugely enjoyed by a full house. His message, make photography fun, was delivered with humour, knowledge & professionalism. We’ve already booked him again! We urge you to get him along to your club or society. We guarantee you won’t stop laughing or thinking. – Gwynfa Camera Club

A big thank you from myself and all present at our club meeting on Monday evening. Your photographs are quite stunning, and your presentation a joy, your engagement with our members during post talk questions was quite enchanting. Normally most of our members head for the door following our speaker, not so on Monday, at least 75% stayed behind to engage with you, brilliant! Phil thanks again. – Andrew Vidler, Chair, Melksham

Wowed by old colleague from the BBC Natural History Unit Phil Savoie and his incredible knowledge, enthusiasm & insanely awesome photography. – Charlotte Martin

Thanks for a superb evening with Bristol Naturalists- gorgeous nature photos, great trivia & contagious enthusiasm. – Alex Morss, Prog Sec, Bristol Naturalists

What a special evening! Last night we were treated to a magical presentation at Barry Camera Club by Phil Savoie. In his introduction, he called himself “an advanced beginner” (who happened to have 40 years experience as a professional photographer), a delightful phrase which captures his curiosity and desire to keep on learning and experimenting with his photography, often following projects and interests over many years in his pursuit of capturing a particular moment in time. The range of his photography was wide – again part of his desire to keep on learning, as new disciplines demanded new and different approaches. This and his love of getting ‘down in the dirt’ to get those commanding eye level animal and insect shots, was underpinned by technical knowledge and attention to detail. All of this was communicated to us with delight and enthusiasm. If you get the chance to see Phil talking, don’t hesitate to go. You will be in for a treat! Thank you Phil! – Roy Carr, Chairman, Barry Camera Club

Over the last fourteen years I have attended many lectures, can I just say yours was by far the easiest to follow and your knowledge and presentation made it a most enjoyable evening. I am sure all our members think the same. Thanks so much. – Graham Davison

I would like to thank you very much for a wonderful evening last night. It was a most enjoyable and informative. Your delivery was engaging and amusing and I felt we really got to know you and what makes you tick as a photographer. Your knowledge of Natural History was impressive and fascinating and you certainly had some beautiful images. I know from comments I overheard, that people really enjoyed the evening and appreciated your style of photography and the many tips and hints you offered. Thank you once again. – Anna Dagger, Backwell Camera Club

Thoroughly enjoyed another evening with Phil Savoie last week. The third year running we’ve booked him and if you haven’t seen Phil yet you must. This latest talk was on the use of Long Lenses. He has that much sought after ability of actually educating you whilst you think you’re only being entertained. Brilliant. – Dave Brassey, Gwent Photographic Society

Had Phil Savoie to speak. Excellent! From our novice photographers to our experienced- he had us enthralled. For those clubs who haven’t heard him – book him – and for those that have seen him- many thanks for introducing him to me. – Christine Starnes

Yesterday evening Gwynfa enjoyed a real treat – the visit of Phil Savoie a wildlife expert and filmmaker who has worked at the very top of the industry with the likes of Sir David Attenborough. It was quite a departure for us as in the first half Phil showed us Hotel Heliconia an extraordinary 45 minute film he made for BBC Wildlife. Then in the second half he told us about how it was made and took questions. It was a joy. Phil is quite a raconteur telling us some great stories in his broad New York accent. Some revealed the secrets of the film industry and often had us crying with laughter. Phil does numerous other talks (both still and video based) and they are listed on the WPF Presenters page as he lives in Monmouth these days. I heartily recommend him as a guest speaker. I promise you will not be disappointed. – Leigh Woolford, Secretary, Gwynfa CC

Just a quick note to thank you for giving us a wonderfully informative and entertaining evening. It was an ideal start for our new season and feedback has already proven your value on the club circuit. We were all impressed, not just by your knowledge of your subjects but by the vast range of experience and techniques that you ‘threw’ at us. We would be more than happy to have you back at sometime and the sooner the better. We think you were the bee’s knees. Take care and very best wishes for your future endeavours. – Kim Mobbs, Forest of Dean Camera Club

Cwmbran Photo Society were entertained by Phil Savoie last night. Simply put, it was one of the best evenings that I have had in 30 years being a member of CPS. With a good mix of education, stories from his professional film making career, including part of Planet Earth no less, and some stunning photography, it was a night to remember. Utterly brilliant. – Dave Bennett, Cwmbran Photo Society, Welsh Photographic Federation Judge

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